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Shocks and Struts

Shocks and struts are an often overlooked part in cars when it comes to safety. If your car or truck feels like it is going to roll around turns, bounces excessively, or bottoms out easily, it is recommended to have your shocks and struts looked at. At Tires & Wheels Unlimited, we can install and replace your vehicle’s shocks and/or struts.

Having your shocks and struts in working order is key to the handling of your vehicle safely and effectively. Not only do shocks and struts make your drive more comfortable, but with them installed your vehicle will be able to maneuver easier for those sharp turns and sporadic bumps in the road.

Shocks and Struts

We take your safety and the safety of your passengers very seriously which is why our services don’t stop at shocks and struts. Feel free to bring your car in for a wheel repair or brakes replacement and we’ll make sure that your car is up and ready before heading back onto the road. We also offer suspension lift and lowering kits that will help you keep your car in good working order no matter what kind of terrain you like to drive through.

For a wheels and tires shop that provides all the quality car and truck accessories you may need in Whittier, CA, contact Tires & Wheels Unlimited today.